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Aṣa (which means Hawk in Yoruba, and is pronouced "Asha") is the stage name of Nigeria Afro-pop singer Bukola Elemide. She mostly sings in English and Yoruba, and her songs feature catchy rhythms from her acoustic guitar, and lyrics ranging from social commentary to romance.

Aṣa wears glasses, and has made them part of her signature look, wearing several different pairs in her "Why Can't We" video to match her colourful outfits.

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Aṣa currently has two albums out, Aṣa (2007), and Beautiful Imperfection (2010).

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I was looking for a recording of this duet to play for my 15-month-old daughter on my phone and I came across this gorgeous version, sung by Korean sopranos Sumi Jo and Ah-Kyung Lee. Six minutes and forty-one seconds of aural bliss.
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An interview with Riz Ahmed, actor and rapper, was published in the Guardian Weekend this Saturday: here. Reading it experience I thought might be of interest in this community. If you feel you can cope with potentially triggery material, click the cut below. Otherwise, skip to the end for the photos.

Caution: contains microaggression )

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This is Jake Shimabukuro, jumping for joy, for he is a handsome Asian ukulele virtuoso.

And here he is smiling, for he is a handsome Asian ukulele virtuoso.

Jake Shimabukuro bedazzles us all by playing flamenco on the ukulele.
Jake Shimabukuro's official web site.
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I heard "Four Women" on 6Music the other day, and it reminded me how much I love this lady's music.

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Lyrics to Four Women: My name is Peaches. )

Nina Simone sings "Four Women" live at the Harlem Cultural Festival 1969. YouTube video, 04:40.
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A couple of weeks ago, a glorious soulful voice was silenced after a long battle with illness. Rest in peace, Etta James.

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Etta James sings "I'd Rather Go Blind", YouTube video, 02:34
Etta James sings "Something's Got A Hold On Me" live, YouTube video, 05:21 (Watch it for the full minute she spends going WHOA YEAH unaccompanied. It's awesome.)
Summarized from

Vienna Teng is the stage name of Taiwanese-American pianist and singer-songwriter Cynthia Yih Shih.

Although Ms. Shih began her career as a software engineer, she decided to pursue her music career full time after she was signed by Virt Records in 2002. From 2002 to 2010, Vienna Teng released 4 studio albums.

Among her fans is late-night television host David Letterman, who immediately booked her to perform on his show. He praised her debut album:

"I've heard the entire CD, and there's not a dud on this."

In 2010, Vienna Teng was named a Next Century Citizen by Future-ish.

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From actual astronauts last week, we go to Fictional Astronauts this week. Leading the way with her seminal role as communications officer Lieutenant Uhura in the original TV series Star Trek is actress and singer Nichelle Nichols. After the Star Trek series was cancelled, Nichols volunteered at NASA to help recruit minority and female personnel. One of her recruits was Charles Bolden, who was an astronaut...and is now Administrator of NASA.

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Lena Mary Calhoun Horne was a singer, dancer, actress and possessed one of the most radiant smiles on Earth until her death in 2010. She refused to compromise her left-leaning, anti-segregation principles for Hollywood or the social norms of the day, choosing instead to make her mark in nightclubs and on television.

It is possible to look at pictures of Lena Horne all day. )

Lena Horne sings “Stormy Weather” in 1943 (YouTube, 05:06)
Wynton Marsalis is an exceptional musician even in a family of exceptional musicians. Trumpeter, composer and music educator.

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Wynton Marsalis - Carnival of Venice (YouTube, 03:45, a dizzying demonstration of technical talent.)
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Today’s Trinidadian jazz pianist and singer and absolutely stunning woman comes to us courtesy of [personal profile] aris_tgd’s suggestion.

+7 because she’s just WHOA )

Hazel Scott plays "Takin’ A Chance" (YouTube, 03:35. Skip to 02:30 if you want to see closeups of some truly astounding fingerwork.)
Hazel Scott plays two grand pianos. And sings. (YouTube, 04:10)
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Welcoming you to this week’s theme, Jazz Musicians, is Sidney Bechet, Louisiana Creole jazz clarinetist, saxophonist and composer. His temper landed him in hot water more than once, but it also helped form his distinctive, dynamic and soulful style.

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Sidney Bechet - Blue Horizon (YouTube, 04:22, a slow smoky hip-swinger.)
I interrupt myself in this week’s theme to bring you the news that it’s my birthday. In honour of another complete revolution around the Sun, which since I'm in England I don't expect to see until next March, I’m making the theme Mixed Race Couples Kissing. If you would like to make me happy today, please will you post your favourite pictures of Mixed Race Couples Kissing in the comments? Thank you!

I start things off with a picspam of Seal and Heidi Klum kissing. :D

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Rashida Naomi Black is a harpist and founder of the Myrtle Hart society, which “illuminates the accomplishments of classical musicians of colour”. The web site, which inspired this week's theme, includes a large database of modern classical musicians, although many of the links are broken. Myrtle Hart was herself a harpist at a time - the late 1800s - when such a career was outlandish for a person of colour. Rashida Black teaches harp at the Hyde Park Suzuki Institute in Chicago.

[My apologies for the wonky posting schedule this week. This is what I get for only prepping three of them at the weekend. It will not happen next week, as they’re all ready!]
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Korean-American symphony conductor. Artistic director of the Orchestra Nova San Diego. (Sorry friends, I’m having a deadly week at work and I don’t have the spoons to write a more detailed summary.)

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Controversial concert pianist. Viewers of his performances are divided into two camps: Those who love his dramatic style and surprisingly controlled flamboyance, and those who think he’s an over-rated show-off who hammers far too hard on the keys. I quite like him. He’s got a sense of humour. Unlike a lot of the commenters on his YouTube videos. (Do not read the comments on the attached videos, I beg you.)

I may have to start shipping Lang Lang & Herbie Hancock. )

Lang Lang plays Chopin with an orange (YouTube, 00:34)
Herbie Hancock & Lang Lang play Rhapsody in Blue (YouTube, 06:54. They’re both having so much fun. :D)
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Virtuoso cellist whose career spans decades. He is probably the most globally famous of the musicians I’ll post this week. He’s won multiple Grammy awards, recorded a gazillion CDs and film scores, and plays an eclectic range of styles, including traditional Chinese melodies, bluegrass and strange melancholy noodling with Philip Glass. He was a child prodigy who can be said to have fulfilled all of his early promise and more.

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Yo-Yo Ma plays a Bach cello suite in the middle of a building site (YouTube, 03:10)
Yo-Yo Ma adds to the ominosity factor of Philip Glass’ Naqoyqatsi (YouTube, 07:58)
Opening Classical Musicians week is this Zimbabwean-Japanese violist (and violinist) who has played as a soloist with many orchestras, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She is president of the American Viola society.

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Nokuthula Ngwenyama plays a lovely rich and lively Bach tune on the viola (YouTube, 01:52)


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