Two posts in one day is unprecedented, I think, but I thought that members of this community might be interested in a series that will be airing on BBC2 in the UK starting at 9 PM on Thursday, 6 October. It’s called “Mixed Race Britannia” and it will be hosted by George Alagiah, who is Sri Lankan-British and in a mixed-race marriage.

Guardian interview with George Alagiah
BBC article by George Alagiah on mixed-race marriage

Persons outside the UK may be able to view the series through the BBC iPlayer using a browser that can feign a UK location. I don't, of course, suggest that anyone attempt this. *hands in pockets, whistling*
Trinidadian-British broadcaster. He was the first black TV anchorman in the UK.

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([personal profile] nanila May. 26th, 2011 03:52 pm)
Bangladeshi-British television presenter - the longest-serving female presenter of the longest-running children's television programme, Blue Peter. I do not think she wore most of the following outfits while presenting, however.

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