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([personal profile] nanila Oct. 14th, 2011 09:57 pm)
Shazia Mirza is a Pakistani-British Muslim stand-up comic from Birmingham known for her straight-faced one-liners. She also writes a regular column for the Guardian.

“My name is Shazia Mirza. At least, that’s what it says on my pilot’s licence.”

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On the Muslim sense of humour. (YouTube, 01:50)
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([personal profile] nanila Oct. 13th, 2011 10:10 pm)
Russell Peters is an Indo-Canadian comic who specializes in observational comedy about race and culture. He’s an extremely good mimic and has an elastic face that adds to the hilarity of his impressions.

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Russell Peters on cultural misconceptions (YouTube, 02:36)
How to become a Canadian citizen (YouTube, 06:12)
Andi Osho is a London-born Nigerian-British actor-turned-stand-up-comic. Her warm, engaging style and zeitgeist-tapping jokes have won her plaudits and a semi-regular guest spot on the popular BBC show Mock the Week.

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On Nigerian names (YouTube, 02:10)
At the Edinburgh Comedy Fest 2011 (YouTube, 05:49)
Reginald D. Hunter is a black American comic who has made his name as a comedian performing in the UK. He often partners with Paul Merton on Have I Got News for You, and they make a great duo. I first saw him at a comedy club in Camden when he was just on the cusp of becoming quite well known. One of his favourite themes is contrasting US and UK culture.

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Racism in America v racism in the UK (YouTube, 01:06)
English swearing (YouTube, 00:26)
On the BBC Breakfast show talking about being an expat (YouTube, 03:38)
Opening this week’s theme, Comedians, is Shappi Khorsandi, British-Iranian stand-up comic. Her family fled Iran after a satirical poem published by her father, Hadi Khorsandi (also a stand-up comic as well as a poet), following the Iranian revolution was perceived as critical of the new government. She has appeared on numerous British television shows, including Have I Got News for You, on BBC Radio 4 and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She tells hilarious anecdotes about race relations in Britain.

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On political correctness (audio only) for the Secret Policemen’s Ball 2008 (YouTube, 02:10)
At the Edinburgh Comedy Fest 2011 (YouTube, 04:03. Don’t miss the Tube anecdote.)
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([personal profile] nanila Aug. 29th, 2011 11:57 am)
Heralding the return to regular posting is this Norwegian-Nigerian-British actor-comedian-writer beauty, Richard Ayoade. Best loved by me as his character Maurice Moss in The IT Crowd, he recently turned his hand to film-making with the coming-of-age story Submarine, adapted from Joe Dunthorne’s novel. I just watched it last night. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes a sympathetic tale about a socially awkward intelligent introvert.

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Moss has finished his milk (YouTube, 14 seconds)
I remember her best from In Living Color, on which she was side-splittingly funny as the myriad characters she invented and caricatured. Comedienne, actor and activist.

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T’Keyah comedy reel
T’Keyah as her caricature LaShawn


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