British track-and-field athletes took three Olympic gold medals last night. I watched with tears in my eyes as Jessica Ennis, a mixed-race Jamaican-British heptathlete, and Mo Farah, a Muslim Somali-British runner, became Olympic champions. I've posted about each of them separately, but I think today they deserve another post.

Look at her smile! Isn't it glorious?

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Mo Farah hugging his daughter, who ran onto the track after he won the 10000 m race.

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Hosea Gear is a New Zealand rugby union team player. He is of the Ngati Porou iwi (family group) and has played for the Maori team as well as the All-Blacks. Also, he is pretty.

Hosea Gear is expressive, cheeky, oh and rather good at rugby )
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Carla Hohepa is a young New Zealand Black Ferns player who made her first big mark in last year’s Women’s Rugby World Cup, where she scored seven tries.

Carla Hohepa even looks pretty when she’s wearing a mouth guard )

Carla Hohepa wins IRB Personality of the Year award. (YouTube, 01:37 - worth watching to see her score!)
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Jonathan Ionatana Falafesa “Tana” Umaga is a former captain of the New Zealand All-Blacks. He played 74 test matches, in which he scored 36 tries, and under his captaincy the All-Blacks won 19 of their 21 games. He looks fierce in this first photo and, obviously, when doing the haka*, but most of the time he is smiling in his lovely crinkly-eyed way with his dreadlocks flying everywhere. ♥

Tana Umaga doesn’t look that fierce all the time. )
Tana Umaga leads the haka before a rugby match. (YouTube, 00:55)

* Scary ancestral pre-battle war dance performed by the Maori that the All-Blacks always do before rugby matches. Other Polynesian groups have similar dances, such as the Tongan Sipi Tau.
Dr Farah Palmer, of Tainui descent, was the captain of New Zealand’s national rugby union women’s team, the Black Ferns, from 1997 to 2005. The team won the World Cup twice, in 2000 and 2005. During her captaincy, the Black Ferns lost only one test match. She is now a senior lecturer in sports management at Massey University.

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Kicking off this week’s theme, which is in honour of the ongoing Rugby World Cup, is Sonny Bill Williams. He’s a Samoan-New Zealander rugby union international. He is distinguished both by his rugged good looks and by being the first professional athlete ever to pursue careers as a rugby player and a heavyweight boxer concurrently. A recent wardrobe malfunction during an All-Blacks match that forced him to change shirts on the pitch made a lot of people [not just the ladies, 3 News] rather happy.

Sonny Bill Williams proves he’s not one of those Davidoff Cool Water adverts )

The infamous ripped shirt incident. (3 News on Demand, 01:22)
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From the pure power of Cheng Fei we go to flawless grace. Nellie Kim was a half-Sakhalin Korean, half-Tatar Soviet gymnast. She won five gold medals in 1976 and 1980 and was considered one of the most elegant and expressive performers on the floor. She was the first woman to perform the full twisting Tsukahara vault in Olympic competition in the 1976 Olympics, and she received perfect 10s for some of her performances. She had clean form nearly all of the time. The only reason I believe she isn’t so well known now is that her achievements were somewhat overshadowed by, er, Nadia Comaneci. To me, she's the ideal choice for wrapping up Gymnast Week.

Nellie Kim is aristocratic even in knee socks )

Nellie Kim flows across the floor in the 1980 Olympics (YouTube, 01:23. She shared the gold with Nadia.)
Nellie Kim vaults in the 1976 Olympics (YouTube, 00:50)

Next week’s theme will be Classical Musicians. By the way, I hope no one thinks I’m co-opting the community by using themes. They’re just to keep me on track with posting at least five days a week.
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Cheng Fei specializes in high difficulty vaults and floor routines. One of her vaults was so hard it is now named after her. She was the first female gymnast in the world able to perform it successfully in international competitions. She is incredibly powerful, very flexible and gets this cute little frown on her face just before she does Extraordinary Things with her body.

Cheng Fei invites you to see her being bendy, expressive )
Performing “The Cheng” at the World Gymnastics Championships in 2005 (YouTube, 01:32)
Cheng Fei vaults, 2008 Olympic Games (YouTube, 01:43)
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Today’s honouree is a legendary Japanese gymnast who won seven Olympic gold medals in the 1960s (five gold, two silver). He was the originator of the “Endo” skill, variations of which are among the most commonly performed on the high bar today. Look at his arms. Holy triceps, Batman.

Images are b/w and grainy due to the 1960s. )

Yukio Endo on the parallel bars, 1964 Toyko Olympics (YouTube, 00:39. Such control!)
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Another three-time Olympian, Chinese gymnast Yang Wei won gold both in the all-around and the team final in the 2008 Beijing Games, as well as silver on the rings. He is known for his daring and extremely difficult routines.

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Yang Wei performs a difficult rings routine, scores 16.400 (YouTube, 01:30. "He is fit, isn't he. Mmm." Well, quite.)
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Dominique Dawes welcomes you to Gymnast Week here on [community profile] multibeautiful. The three-time Olympian was the first black American woman to win an individual Olympic medal in artistic gymnastics (Bronze, Floor, Atlanta 1996), and the first black person of any nationality or gender to win an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics (Team, Atlanta 1996). As a gymnast she was notable for her long lines and extraordinary grace, which have not left her now that she’s retired!

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Dominique Dawes’ 1996 Olympics floor routine (YouTube, 03:57)
Samoan-British rugby union player. The youngest of seven brothers, six of whom play rugby, he is in England’s World Cup team this year. He’s only 20 and he’s so cute, it burns. I want to feed him chicken adobo and pat him on his enormous back.

Manu Tuilagi scores tries. Gleefully. )
Somalian-British middle distance runner. Has won multiple gold medals in the European Athletics championships and recently won silver in the 10000 m at the World Athletics championships.

“I'm a Muslim, so I observe the five pillars of Islam. During Ramadan fasting isn't always the easiest thing for a sportsman. It's quite difficult to fit it in with your training. But that's what you have to do. You learn self-control.”

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Jamaican-British Olympic gold medalist in the 800 and 1500 m. She won those medals in the 2004 Olympics, age 34. The Queen made her a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire the following year.

Dame Kelly raises her hands cos she's Sure. Sure she's awesome lightly daubed with awesomesauce. )
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Japanese writer, translator and marathon runner. Probably best-known among English-language readers for The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and best-loved amongst Japanese readers for Norwegian Wood.

"Here's what I think, Mr. Wind-Up Bird," said May Kasahara. "Everybody's born with some different thing at the core of their existence. And that thing, whatever it is, becomes like a heat source that runs each person from the inside. I have one too, of course. Like everybody else. But sometimes it gets out of hand. It swells or shrinks inside me, and it shakes me up. What I'd really like to do is find a way to communicate that feeling to another person. But I can't seem to do it. They just don't get it. Of course, the problem could be that I'm not explaining it very well, but I think it's because they're not listening very well. They pretend to be listening, but they're not, really. So I get worked up sometimes, and I do some crazy things." -- from The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

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Papuan-British tennis player who won the US Open juniors in 2009. She’s just begun playing as a senior, and recently became the first British woman since 1994 to reach the second round of the French Open. Has one of the cutest smiles in the world.

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Vietnamese-American model, action star and martial artist. “I'm just totally into being strong. There's something about wanting to get a jar or whatever out of a high cupboard, or moving a sofa over because my dog's bone rolled under it, and not having to call anyone for help. There's comfort in that.”

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Maggie Q fighting in “Naked Weapon” (YouTube, approximately 2 mins)
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Cantonese martial artist, fight choreographer and actor. The things this man can do with his body - and without wire-fu - are mind-boggling.

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Donnie fighting in Iron Monkey
I started the 3W4DW fest on this community with a female Olympic heptathlete, so it seems appropriate to finish with one as well. I'm going to keep trying to post to this community on a daily basis, with exceptions on the days when other people post. If anyone has an objection to this plan, let me know. I hope you've enjoyed my selections for the fest!

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