OK, my love for Donnie Yen is eternal and boundless, but I just watched Ip Man and, and, and, HIROYUKI IKEUCHI.


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The early termination of last week’s theme was caused by the torpedoing of my intentions by an avalanche of work and illness. I’m taking this week off, as I didn’t have the energy to prepare at the weekend (see: work and illness). My apologies.

I hope, however, that this entry might keep some of you amused for a little while. Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned the three-part BBC television series called Mixed Race Britannia? It traced the evolution of the profile of mixed race people in modern Britain. I watched all of them and wrote them up. The series put a rather rosy spin on the acceptance of mixed race couples and mixed race people in the UK today that I didn’t think was entirely justified, but it did provide rich historical coverage from the early 1900s to the present, focusing primarily on London and Liverpool.

Mixed Race Britannia: 1 of 3
Mixed Race Britannia: 2 of 3
Mixed Race Britannia: 3 of 3

Paul Robeson was an American singer, actor and early civil rights activist. In 1930, he played Othello opposite actress Peggy Ashcroft (Desdemona), a role which required him to kiss her on stage. It was not a performance he could have made at home. Robeson and Ashcroft took their liaisons off-stage as well - a romance that would flame periodically for decades.

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Russell Peters is an Indo-Canadian comic who specializes in observational comedy about race and culture. He’s an extremely good mimic and has an elastic face that adds to the hilarity of his impressions.

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Russell Peters on cultural misconceptions (YouTube, 02:36)
How to become a Canadian citizen (YouTube, 06:12)
Reginald D. Hunter is a black American comic who has made his name as a comedian performing in the UK. He often partners with Paul Merton on Have I Got News for You, and they make a great duo. I first saw him at a comedy club in Camden when he was just on the cusp of becoming quite well known. One of his favourite themes is contrasting US and UK culture.

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Racism in America v racism in the UK (YouTube, 01:06)
English swearing (YouTube, 00:26)
On the BBC Breakfast show talking about being an expat (YouTube, 03:38)
Wynton Marsalis is an exceptional musician even in a family of exceptional musicians. Trumpeter, composer and music educator.

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Wynton Marsalis - Carnival of Venice (YouTube, 03:45, a dizzying demonstration of technical talent.)
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Welcoming you to this week’s theme, Jazz Musicians, is Sidney Bechet, Louisiana Creole jazz clarinetist, saxophonist and composer. His temper landed him in hot water more than once, but it also helped form his distinctive, dynamic and soulful style.

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Sidney Bechet - Blue Horizon (YouTube, 04:22, a slow smoky hip-swinger.)
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Hosea Gear is a New Zealand rugby union team player. He is of the Ngati Porou iwi (family group) and has played for the Maori team as well as the All-Blacks. Also, he is pretty.

Hosea Gear is expressive, cheeky, oh and rather good at rugby )
I interrupt myself in this week’s theme to bring you the news that it’s my birthday. In honour of another complete revolution around the Sun, which since I'm in England I don't expect to see until next March, I’m making the theme Mixed Race Couples Kissing. If you would like to make me happy today, please will you post your favourite pictures of Mixed Race Couples Kissing in the comments? Thank you!

I start things off with a picspam of Seal and Heidi Klum kissing. :D

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Jonathan Ionatana Falafesa “Tana” Umaga is a former captain of the New Zealand All-Blacks. He played 74 test matches, in which he scored 36 tries, and under his captaincy the All-Blacks won 19 of their 21 games. He looks fierce in this first photo and, obviously, when doing the haka*, but most of the time he is smiling in his lovely crinkly-eyed way with his dreadlocks flying everywhere. ♥

Tana Umaga doesn’t look that fierce all the time. )
Tana Umaga leads the haka before a rugby match. (YouTube, 00:55)

* Scary ancestral pre-battle war dance performed by the Maori that the All-Blacks always do before rugby matches. Other Polynesian groups have similar dances, such as the Tongan Sipi Tau.
Kicking off this week’s theme, which is in honour of the ongoing Rugby World Cup, is Sonny Bill Williams. He’s a Samoan-New Zealander rugby union international. He is distinguished both by his rugged good looks and by being the first professional athlete ever to pursue careers as a rugby player and a heavyweight boxer concurrently. A recent wardrobe malfunction during an All-Blacks match that forced him to change shirts on the pitch made a lot of people [not just the ladies, 3 News] rather happy.

Sonny Bill Williams proves he’s not one of those Davidoff Cool Water adverts )

The infamous ripped shirt incident. (3 News on Demand, 01:22)
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Korean-American symphony conductor. Artistic director of the Orchestra Nova San Diego. (Sorry friends, I’m having a deadly week at work and I don’t have the spoons to write a more detailed summary.)

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Controversial concert pianist. Viewers of his performances are divided into two camps: Those who love his dramatic style and surprisingly controlled flamboyance, and those who think he’s an over-rated show-off who hammers far too hard on the keys. I quite like him. He’s got a sense of humour. Unlike a lot of the commenters on his YouTube videos. (Do not read the comments on the attached videos, I beg you.)

I may have to start shipping Lang Lang & Herbie Hancock. )

Lang Lang plays Chopin with an orange (YouTube, 00:34)
Herbie Hancock & Lang Lang play Rhapsody in Blue (YouTube, 06:54. They’re both having so much fun. :D)
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Virtuoso cellist whose career spans decades. He is probably the most globally famous of the musicians I’ll post this week. He’s won multiple Grammy awards, recorded a gazillion CDs and film scores, and plays an eclectic range of styles, including traditional Chinese melodies, bluegrass and strange melancholy noodling with Philip Glass. He was a child prodigy who can be said to have fulfilled all of his early promise and more.

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Yo-Yo Ma plays a Bach cello suite in the middle of a building site (YouTube, 03:10)
Yo-Yo Ma adds to the ominosity factor of Philip Glass’ Naqoyqatsi (YouTube, 07:58)
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Today’s honouree is a legendary Japanese gymnast who won seven Olympic gold medals in the 1960s (five gold, two silver). He was the originator of the “Endo” skill, variations of which are among the most commonly performed on the high bar today. Look at his arms. Holy triceps, Batman.

Images are b/w and grainy due to the 1960s. )

Yukio Endo on the parallel bars, 1964 Toyko Olympics (YouTube, 00:39. Such control!)
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Another three-time Olympian, Chinese gymnast Yang Wei won gold both in the all-around and the team final in the 2008 Beijing Games, as well as silver on the rings. He is known for his daring and extremely difficult routines.

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Yang Wei performs a difficult rings routine, scores 16.400 (YouTube, 01:30. "He is fit, isn't he. Mmm." Well, quite.)
Filipino-Black-American breakdancer, rapper and producer of the Black Eyed Peas. Brought Tagalog into several BEP albums. Is legally blind in both eyes.

Apl rocks the hawk )

Black Eyed Peas - Bebot (Generation One) (Vimeo, 05:21. This is one of Apl’s Tagalog songs.)

Translation of lyrics into English

Here’s why the video is set in a club in Stockton, CA in 1936.
Samoan-British rugby union player. The youngest of seven brothers, six of whom play rugby, he is in England’s World Cup team this year. He’s only 20 and he’s so cute, it burns. I want to feed him chicken adobo and pat him on his enormous back.

Manu Tuilagi scores tries. Gleefully. )
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Ghanaian-British hairstylist of international renown. One of the top “behind-the-scenes” types in fashion.

Johnnie Sapong is classy & cuts a tiny baby’s hair. Awww. )
Somalian-British middle distance runner. Has won multiple gold medals in the European Athletics championships and recently won silver in the 10000 m at the World Athletics championships.

“I'm a Muslim, so I observe the five pillars of Islam. During Ramadan fasting isn't always the easiest thing for a sportsman. It's quite difficult to fit it in with your training. But that's what you have to do. You learn self-control.”

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