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Nobel prize-winning Turkish author. His lush settings are reflected in the powerful emotional landscapes he creates with his characters. No one seems to do or feel anything by halves in his novels - even their apathy is vividly coloured by their surroundings.

"A letter doesn't communicate by words alone. A letter, just like a book, can be read by smelling it, touching it and fondling it. Thereby, intelligent folk will say, 'Go on then, read what the letter tells you!' whereas the dull-witted will say, 'Go on then, read what he's written!'"

"Books, which we mistake for consolation, only add depth to our sorrow. " -- from My Name Is Red

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([personal profile] nanila Jun. 7th, 2011 11:24 am)
Chinese novelist who grew up in the slums of Chongquing. Her autobiography Daughter of the River tells the story of her early life. Writes about, and is an advocate for, marginalised groups in China, particularly the LGBT community (see the short story collection A Lipstick Called Red Pepper: Fiction About Gay and Lesbian Love).

Her novel K: The Art of Love is a fictionalised account of a real relationship between a renowned female Chinese writer ("K", whose true identity was Ling Shuhua) and the English poet Julian Bell. It engendered outrage and controversy and a libel lawsuit brought by Ling Shuhua's daughter, even though the Chinese author is never named in the novel. The libel lawsuit eventually concluded in conciliation.

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