British track-and-field athletes took three Olympic gold medals last night. I watched with tears in my eyes as Jessica Ennis, a mixed-race Jamaican-British heptathlete, and Mo Farah, a Muslim Somali-British runner, became Olympic champions. I've posted about each of them separately, but I think today they deserve another post.

Look at her smile! Isn't it glorious?

Jessica Ennis wins the last event of the heptathlon, the 800 m race, which she didn't need to do after accumulating a huge points total in the previous six events. But she wanted to finish in style after missing the 2008 Beijing Olympics through injury, and that she did.

Jessica Ennis with her parents.

Mo Farah hugging his daughter, who ran onto the track after he won the 10000 m race.

Mo Farah praying on the track.

Mo Farah kissing his wife while their daughter squizzes up her face at the nosy reporters. I love this image. It is a giant slap in the face for "opponents of multiculturalism": A Muslim Somali immigrant wrapped in the Union Jack kissing his obviously pregnant wife, who is clearly from a different racial background.

Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford, winner of the third British Olympic gold in the long jump.


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