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Aṣa (which means Hawk in Yoruba, and is pronouced "Asha") is the stage name of Nigeria Afro-pop singer Bukola Elemide. She mostly sings in English and Yoruba, and her songs feature catchy rhythms from her acoustic guitar, and lyrics ranging from social commentary to romance.

Aṣa wears glasses, and has made them part of her signature look, wearing several different pairs in her "Why Can't We" video to match her colourful outfits.

From the set of her pastel coloured "Why Can't We" video:

This is the cover of Beautiful Imperfection

Two more because of the pretty.

Aṣa currently has two albums out, Aṣa (2007), and Beautiful Imperfection (2010).

This clip features both the official videos for "Jailer" and "Fire On The Mountain", both from Aṣa

This is the very cute video to "Why Can't We" from Beautiful Imperfection



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