Cross-posted from my personal DW, where it's been the kind of week where I needed some beautiful people picspam.

I think Siddig el Fadil has only become more handsome as he's gotten older, but there's one pic of young Siddig from his Deep Space Nine days under here too.

That salt-and-pepper beard OMG )

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find photos of Nandita Das that haven't been photoshopped to make her look gora? Fuck colorism in the ear.

I will fight anyone who says Nandita Das needs to be lightened in Photoshop to be beautiful )

The amount of hatred directed at Lupita Nyong'o hurts my heart. She's so smart and talented and beautiful. More Lupita please both on screen and behind the camera!

I can't get over how bright her smile is in pretty much every photo of her ever )

And here's the point where I run out of colorful commentary. Sorry. Pictures though.

Chiwetel Ejiofor )

Indira Varma )


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